Drop Anchor Photography

Hello, I'm Lisa! I love light, color, and everything Mystic, Connecticut. I am obsessed with documenting life and I adore capturing people in love. My style is clean + colorful, and I'll take any opportunity I can to shoot outside. I hand edit each and every one of my portraits with love, and when I hand them over, I feel like I'm handing over a piece of myself.

When I'm not photographing families, you'll find me near the water. I can't think of anything better than being on a boat with the sun on my skin and the wind in my hair. I will make any excuse to go to Block Island and if could I live anywhere other than Mystic, it'd be inside of a Pottery Barn store.

I love living near the ocean + the sound of the motor on my dad's boat at full speed. When we were kids, he made my sisters and I learn how to drive standard before we were allowed to get our licenses. He showed us how to read a chart and how to find a landmark in the fog. He taught us how to safely get into that shallow channel on the way to Napatree, only to spend the rest of the afternoon entertaining three small kids when the fog rolled in and we realized we couldn't go home. I got my boater's license in my twenties, and the first time I pulled into the slip by myself I felt like I'd conquered the world. My dad is my biggest hero and my business is named after him. 

A perfect day for me is photographing families on the beach, and then dragging my clam rake across the mud at low tide. It's late night conversations on the dock watching the tide slow, and then switch direction. It's watching a storm roll in from Bluff Point. It's catching the very last ferry to Block Island. It's opening a bottle of wine and shucking clams with my best friends. It's working hard and living life and breathing in every wonderful, colorful, crazy beautiful moment.

These moments, that we cannot recreate, this is what life is about.

Drop Anchor Photography is about having your own perfect day, documented and expertly curated by me. I love providing my clients with an experience that cannot be matched. When you hire Drop Anchor Photography, everything is taken care of for you from the instant you send an inquiry, until your beautiful portraits arrive. I'll help you with clothing, colors + accessories that look amazing on camera, I'll provide you with a variety of beautiful location suggestions specifically for your family. I'll be there with you when you view your images and I handle all of the ordering so that there is simply nothing for you do to after the session. This is my passion, it's what I LIVE to do, and I cannot wait to meet + work with you.

xoxo Lisa

Drop Anchor Photography is a Family + Lifestyle Portrait photographer in Mystic, Connecticut. Serving Mystic, Stonington, Noank, Groton Long Point, Block Island, Westerly + Watch Hill, Rhode Island.